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My name is Terezia Gargušová and I am from a small country in the heart of Europe, from Slovakia. I am living in a small village Gemerska Poloma in a beautifull mountain surroundings.

We are living with this beautifull breed since 1990, when we got our first bernese. She was Jasanka z Gandlyho dvora. She introduced us to the wonderfull world of showing and breeding.



Jasanka z Gandlyho dvora



Jasanka became the most succesfull bernese in Slovakia. She achieved the following championships: Interchampion, Czechoslovakia Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovak Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs, Champion of Hungarian Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs. In the years 1992, 1993, 1994 she won the title National Winner, and also the title Club Winner in the same years.



Jasanka on European Dog Show in Budapest 1993 - open classe winner



She was succesfull also in breeding. She had four litters and some very nice offsprings . She left us in October 1999, at the age 9 years and 7 months. We still remember the nice moments with her.



After lunch - summer 2002



Our kennel Z GEMERSKEJ POLOMY was established in 1991, we got the international FCI registration in 1999.

I am a member of Slovak Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs, and also I am a member of Swiss Mountain Dogs Club in Czechia. Since 1997 I am a judge for bernese mountain dogs and since 2002 I am able to judge other swiss breeds: appenzeller, entlebucher, great swiss mountain dog and Saint Bernard dog. Since 2009 I can judge also hovawart, spanish mastin, pyrenean mountain dog, pyrenean mastin.


The first litter " from Gemerska Poloma" was born in 1993. We do not produce many litters yearly, our priority is to have a quality and not quantity. We are very carefully in choosing the right partner for our bitches. We are focused not only for exterier, but we take into consideration also the healthy and longevity.



"A" litter born in June 1993



We are not breeding these dogs only, we are living with them. Our dogs are members of our family. At present we have five bernese personalities, four "ladies" and one boy. They all were born in our kennel, and they all are offsprings of our foundation bitch Jasanka. In the 2016 there was born 7th generation of bernese Z GEMERSKEJ POLOMY - second "B" litter Z Gemerskej Polomy, from which Bambina became a part of our fourlegged family.



"T" litter born in August 2006




Four generations of champions, from the left side: Nera, Kiara, Fanny, Brenda




Three generations of interchampions: from the left side Kiara, Fanny and Brenda




Autumn 2007: from the left: Lexa, Tina, after her Nera, Sabrina, Quinta



Autumn 2007: from the left: Sabrina, Leo and Tina



Trenčín 2008: from the left: Tina, Sabrina, Sebastian


Thank you for visiting my pages, enjoy with our dogs, and have a nice day. If you have som more questions, please contact us.


Gargušová Terézia